Membership Listing

Individual Membership

Individual membership in ASBH is open to all individuals with an interest in health care from disciplines such as ethics, health policy, history, law, literature, and religion. Individual members receive all privileges and benefits of membership including the right to vote and hold office in the society.

Membership dues are based on income.

Sustaining Membership

Sustaining membership is an additional individual membership, not based on income, but rather as an option for members wishing to provide additional support for ongoing ASBH programs and strategic initiatives. 


Less than 35K
$63.00 USD
$110.00 USD
$147.00 USD
$190.00 USD
$252.00 USD
More than 150K
$315.00 USD
Sustaining Membership
$500.00 USD
More than 200K
$380.00 USD